Sweet family-raised puppies near Green Bay Wisconsin.

Family Friendly

Our puppies are well known for relating well with kids as well as other pets. 

Family Raised

From the time they are born, till they arrive in the arms and hearts of their new families, our puppies are showered with lots of love and care. 

About Us

We are dog lovers and very passionate about raising quality, well socialized fur babies.  The kids love helping with feeding, grooming, bathing and going along to vet visits.  They love   spending   time playing, swinging and running around with the puppies. And the best part is all the cuddles!!

Meet our Puppies

Saint Berdoodle

Saint Berdoodle coming at you here. I am a friendly creature and that wants nothing more than you individual love and attention. I’m quite the cuddly individual and settling into your lap for a movie night with the whole family is one of my favorite pass times. Being the Saint Berdoodle that I am, I love people and will always be hanging out with you to be sure to not miss anything. Also, just in case you were worried, Saint Berdoodles are hyper allergenic so take me home and you won’t be sorry.

German Shepherd

Hey, German Shepherd here. I might appear quite frightening and fierce, but never fear, that’s just to scare the strangers away. With my family I, as a German Shepherd, am extremely loyal and gentle and I love the children and pets I grow up with. I’m also quite intelligent and easy to train, or so I’ve heard. So, if you like strength, loyalty, and smarts (not to mention beauty) all wrapped up in one package, you have come to the right place!

Golden Retriever

Hello there! How’s it going? I am a Golden Retriever, in case you forgot to read the title. It’s quite nice to make your acquaintance. I am a trustworthy fellow I am definitely a ¨family man¨. I am outgoing, as you may have already noticed, and I am relatively easy to train, they say. I am quite the joyful character and I love to play even though I’m getting a little up in years. So basically the bottom line is, I’m a lot of fun and who doesn’t like fun?


Hey Guys! I’m a Golden Doodle and I love people and other lil pets. And with small kiddos I specialize in being patient and kind. Sssh! But we’ll be honest, tho, as Golden Doodles we aren´t good watchdogs, but the good news is, that we as Golden Doodles can live in any home because we are hyper allergenic!

Vaccination & Registration

Our fur babies go to their new homes, having had their first vet check to ensure they are healthy. They also leave having had the S/WAY VACCINATIONS and consistent deworming   with   PYRENTAL and SAFERGUARD 3/DAY. And get fed of one of the highest quality feeds on the market.

They go to their forever homes with the following:

  1. Health certificate from the vet
  2. Health records
  3. A year health guarantee
  4. Registration Papers (Purebred only)
  5. A basket with some food and goodies.

Looking for a Forever Home

If you are looking for a fur baby to adopt, look no further.  These darlings are currently here and waiting to meet their forever families.